Six Absolute Grief and Loss Healing Questions to Ask Yourself

How to best begin your unique and personal healing journey must be given essential and serious considerations! There are six critical, must-ask, questions you should ask!

1- How can you provide the most comprehensive healing experience possible for you? It is up to you if it is to be. Thinking and hoping others will or even can cure your sad is me – is fruitless. Arising from the bed of awful sorrow and nurturing new hope and joy isn’t a casual walk in the park. To acquire clarity and a clear understanding about your grief and finding sustained purpose and peace in your life isn’t easy.

“Look well into thyself. There is a source of strength which will always spring up if thou will always look there”. ~Marcus Aurelius (121-180)

You need to be about going beyond being emotionally consumed and physically weak, and from surviving to thriving. The challenge is to be a survivor and overcome your loss and transform yourself into a new whole person. It will require of you a comprehensive constant effort. Brainstorm the actions you must take to relieve your grief and start healing. Then consistently put these dependable actions in place.

2- How can you best promote health and wellbeing for your whole body and mind at the deepest level possible? Because of your terrible grief and loss happening, probably one of the most difficult challenges you will face will be to determine how to best promote health and wholeness to your body and mind at the deepest level possible. Because of the uniqueness of your personal grief happening there is not one cure-all formula. Perhaps you are uncertain how to proceed. Maybe you feel helpless and hopeless. Possibilities of ever having happiness again may appear unattainable. Yet, you have not lost all the character traits that make you – you. These traits make you powerful and strong.

“Grieving is a working out of the blockage of the emotions and the mind.” ~John-Roger

Deep within you is undiscovered unused strength. Now is the time to dig deeper than ever before for the how to promote your health of body and mind.

“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.” ~Lao Tzu

Pick out three or four actions that will bring you new hope and wholeness. Be diligent and do these chosen actions every day.

3- What actions are essential to bring you inner harmony, peace, and balance. After a grief happening it is important to examine what if any physical and emotional conditions can or cannot be overcome. It is absolutely necessary to determine what you have the strength and energy to do to begin your healing journey. Baby steps may be all you do in the beginning. The key is – some action is necessary on your part; a lifelong detour of doing nothing will not sustain restoration of happiness and healing.

“Whatever is in me is stronger than what is out there to defeat me.” ~Caroline Myss

Inner harmony, peace and balance is where strength is generated. Life has dealt you a unique hand of grief cards; search diligently for inner harmony.

4- How can you quietly but purposely work “under the radar” and quietly heal yourself from the inside out? Many who have experienced shattering grief and loss quietly start on a wholesome amazing grief journey. They do it under the radar. That is to say they do it quietly but powerfully. You see, when it boils down to it, life begins with you. Power to heal begins with you.

“What you focus on expands.” ~Oprah Winfrey

Take time to decide what your resolve will be, how you will do it, and when you will do it. Keep telling yourself you can start healing and quietly take the actions necessary to stop grieving and start healing. You can begin healing from within. You have more strength than you might have ever used before your grief experience. Search within until you find that empowerment. You can!

5- What can and will you do to clear your mind, remove clutter, relax, and gently cleanse you of anxiety as you find new purpose and uplifting empowerment? A pity party is a usual result of unwanted awful grief and loss. Feeling sorrow for the grief happening in your life is a normal response. Yet, it is essential for you to concentrate on all the positive character traits you still have, and not on the negative.

“It is a human tendency to look outside ourselves for recognition and approval. But as you’ve seen, when you do that, you are living from outside in. In the long run you’ll be dissatisfied. Letting love lead is living from the inside out. That’s the way to true fulfillment.” ~ John-Roger

Center your thoughts and efforts on what you can do – not on limitations you might have as a result of your grief. Be kind to your feelings and gently discard your unique personal anxieties.

6- How Well Do You “Know Thyself”? If I were to pick my 6 all-time favorite movies, certainly, “The Matrix” would be selected. I clearly remember the scene where The Oracle, asks Neo if he thinks he is, “The One.” At that moment, she points to a plaque above the doorway that reads, “Temet Nosce” which is Latin for, “know thyself.” You see, Neo had the gift, but he doubted himself. He expected, “The One,” to be someone else. To add clarity… decipher the name, “Neo,” and you get, “One.” His destiny was in his name and he couldn’t see it. Often, that is the case with grief stricken people, they fail to realize who they are. As painstaking as it may be, in your misery and sorrow, resourceful empowerment lies within your inner-self. Often it is the case, only when you experience unwanted horrendous grief and loss do you discover the untapped reservoir of strength within. You can reconcile your grief and find new purpose and peace! If you will look within and know thyself!